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Safeguarding Your Shop Front: Essential Protection Strategies

By Maria Hickey on January 5th, 2023

When you are busy running your shop, it is normal to want to protect it as best as you can with the right shop insurance. However, while your shop cover usually contains elements such as public liability, employers’ liability and stock protection, many shop owners need to consider protecting their shop front with specific protection.

Business owners often assume that shop front glass insurance will be covered under buildings coverage. Whether you own the property you operate your shop from or rent your shop premises from a commercial landlord, it is worth checking the building’s coverage policy to see if your shop front is covered for repairs or replacement.

Suppose you rent your shop premises from a commercial landlord. In that case, you will be expected to provide your own shop window cover, especially if your landlord allows you to remodel or replace your shop window or shop front to create a better display for your goods.

Does Your Business Protection Plan Cover Your Shop Front?

Your shop coverage policy may not specifically cover the costs of repairs or replacement of your shop window or front door. Because you can build your policy to meet your needs, you may have yet to consider including an element to cover the costs of shop front repairs and replacements.

As you are not required by law to take out any protection, other than employers liability if you employ staff, you may initially put off taking out shop front window insurance when you first open your shop until a later date when your business is better established.

However, your shop front is vulnerable to accidental damage, as well as being a weak spot for targeted smash-and-grab operations by local criminals. Some retail insurance policies won’t cover the cost of repairing the damage to your shop front, but including shop front cover in your search results will help protect your fixed and etched glass and shop front.

It can also help to have a plan in place if your shop is subject to a burglary or smash-and-grab event. Like with any other emergency, your shop staff and management should know what to do if they turn up for work to discover that a smash-and-grab or burglary has occurred.

Having a plan in place that lists who, in addition to the police, should be notified. If they don’t feel safe staying on the scene, your plan should also include a safe place where your staff member can wait until the police turn up. This could be a neighbouring cafe or a supportive shopkeeper you approach as part of your plan. It can help to offer your neighbouring shopkeepers mutual support should their businesses ever be broken into.

Are You Protected if Your Windows Get Smashed?

Protecting your shop windows with protection makes a lot of sense. Your shop window is a crucial advertising point for your business. It is where you show off your goods, grab people’s attention, and entice potential customers into your shop to buy.

If your shop window gets accidentally or intentionally smashed, it can be very off-putting for customers, who may not feel safe entering your shop. Time is of the essence here. You want to know that you have the right cover to quickly repair the damage so you can get your shop open ASAP and encourage people over your threshold with attractive shop window displays.

New shop owners contact our team asking what shop front protection is and do they need it. We always advise you to consider shop front cover as an essential kind of protection for all brick-and-mortar shops. Often, this cover is missed off a policy in error; especially if you want to keep your premiums low and only take out basic cover, such as public and product liability, employer’s liability and stock insurance.

Many providers include shop front cover as a simple add-on to your main cover, so it is worth checking the small print of your quotes to see if your shop front is covered or if you need to add it to your policy.

The Rising Threat of Smash and Grab Crime

There has been a spike in retail smash-and-grab crime over recent years. Sometimes this crime can be a sporadic spur-of-the-moment act conducted by drunken behaviour at the end of a night out. Other times it can be an organised hit from a group of coordinated criminals that will force entry and grab as much merchandise as possible before escaping in waiting vehicles.

In most cases, smash-and-grab attacks are over in minutes, and the criminals are long gone before the police can react. These types of organised theft are usually targeted at high-value shops selling easy-to-grab valuable items, such as jewellery, designer clothes and accessories, smartphones and electronic gadgets.

Smash-and-grab crimes are popular with criminals who don’t want confrontation from staff, customers or passers-by. They are usually carried out at night or in the early morning hours, and the shopkeeper’s first line of defence is their shop security systems.

Installing high-quality security measures is essential as they can act as a significant deterrent against crime. If you make it difficult for criminals to enter your shop or make it evident that their activities will be caught on camera, they will more than likely move on to a less well-protected shop.

However, many thieves may still attempt a smash-and-grab of your shop window to make off with any valuable items easily lifted from your window display. This is why it makes sense to have shop window cover even if you have top-quality security measures installed. It is also helpful to know that you can get lower quotes if your shop is well protected with a top-quality security system that includes alarms, deadlocks and CCTV coverage.

Where to Find Comprehensive Shop Front Protection Options

Brisco is the go-to company for shop cover in the UK. You can use our free ‘Compare Quotes’ tool on our website to quickly compare quotes that include shop front coverage.

If you are unsure what coverage you need to include on your policy, or if you should include shop front cover as an add-on. We have many years of experience helping thousands of UK shop owners with their insurance needs.

As we work with the UK’s leading providers, we can find you a better deal for your shop insurance needs. We can help build a perfectly tailored policy to your individual needs, which can look very different to that of a neighbouring shop selling a different range of products from yourself.


While no shop owner wants to think of the consequences of a break-in or smash-and-grab, protecting your shop front and window with proper coverage is essential for your peace of mind. Even if your shop window gets accidentally damaged from a falling window display or another event, you can feel reassured that your shop front protection will cover the costs of repairs or replacements.

With the right coverage in place, you can quickly get your shop front repaired and looking good. As your shop window display is a crucial advertising feature of your business, you don’t want it out of action for too long. Your shop front business insurance will ensure you can get your shop open ASAP.

Maria Hickey

For more than 20 years, Maria has worked in the insurance sector and has extensive underwriting and customer service expertise. Maria is an experienced Senior Underwriter with a particular specialism for shop, office and surgery related insurance.

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