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Safe Transportation of Jewellery: Best Practices for Jewellery Shop Owners

By Maria Hickey on September 27th, 2023

For jewellery shop owners, safely transporting precious merchandise is a top priority. Jewellery shop insurance policies generally cover theft, damage and loss during transportation, but it is important to take proactive steps to prevent accidents and other losses from occurring in the first place.

Here are some best practices for jewellery shop owners to keep in mind when transporting their merchandise:

Understanding Transportation Risks

Whether you are shipping jewellery to customers or transporting inventory between locations, there are risks involved. Jewellery is highly susceptible to damage and theft during transit if not properly protected. Key risks include:

  • Breakage – Jewellery can easily be bent or broken if not cushioned and immobilised.
  • Theft – High-value jewellery orders are targets for theft and tampering.
  • Water Damage – Exposure to water or moisture can tarnish and ruin jewellery. 
  • Loss – Small pieces can be misplaced if not securely contained.

By understanding these risks, jewellery retailers can take steps to minimise them.

Packing Jewellery Securely 

The key to safely transporting jewellery is proper packing. Follow these tips for keeping jewellery secure in transit:

Use Sturdy Boxes 

Double-walled cardboard boxes with dividers or compartments help protect jewellery from shocks. For added security, use boxes without markings indicating valuables inside.

Cushion Pieces 

Wrap each jewellery item individually in bubble wrap or soft cloth to pad it from damage. Make sure pieces don’t tangle or touch to prevent scratches.

Immobilise Contents

Fill extra space in the box with filler material like crumpled paper to keep pieces from shifting around.

Seal Tightly

Use strong tape designed for shipping to securely seal the box shut. Reinforce seams for added durability.

Include Insurance Info

Discreetly include appraisal documentation and your policy number to aid claims if damage or loss occurs.

With proper interior packing, the contents will be protected from shocks, moisture, and theft during handling.

Shipping Methods and Costs 

The shipping method you choose also impacts the security of your jewellery deliveries. Consider these factors when selecting a carrier:

  • Security – Carriers like Brinks offer enhanced security measures for high-value shipments.
  • Speed – Faster shipping minimises the time jewellery spends in transit exposed to risks.
  • Tracking – Opt for shipping services with detailed tracking to monitor your package’s journey.
  • Insurance – Additional carrier insurance provides compensation in case of damages or loss.
  • Cost – Weigh the costs of security features and insurance against the value of your shipment’s contents.

For expensive jewellery, upgraded services provide essential protection, though often at higher rates.

Assess and Improve 

Continuously analysing and enhancing your shipping procedures is key to minimising jewellery transportation risks over time.

  • Review Incidents – Look at any losses or damages that occurred and adjust practices accordingly. 
  • Audit Packaging – Inspect incoming shipments and make any packing adjustments needed.
  • Train Staff – Ensure staff packing orders are skilled in secure jewellery packaging techniques.
  • Update Methods – Take advantage of emerging packaging materials, technologies, and shipping services.

With ongoing assessments and improvements, you can optimise the safety of your jewellery shipments.

Get Jewellery Shop Insurance from Brisco

For jewellery retailers, proper transportation and delivery of merchandise is critical for customer satisfaction as well as protecting inventory assets. 

At Brisco, we offer tailored jewellery shop insurance to protect your business. Our policies cover jewellery stock and merchandise against risks like theft, damage, and transit losses. 

With robust coverage options, you can transport your inventory with confidence. Contact us today to learn more and get a quote on comprehensive protection for your jewellery business.

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