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Business Equipment Insurance

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If you run a business, you may rely on expensive equipment that would be difficult to live without. Unfortunately, accidents can happen which is why a good insurance policy is essential. Whether you’re looking to protect against, theft or damage, we can help you find a comprehensive insurance policy which gives you peace of mind. 

At Brisco Business, we help professionals across all industries source their ideal business equipment insurance policies. Whatever the size of your business, budget or equipment needs, there’s a policy for you. We’ll help you find it.

Compare quotes for business equipment insurance along with many other types of property insurance with Brisco Business now and find a policy with covers to meet your needs.

Brisco provides numerous advantages over Business Equipment Insurance brokers for your insurance needs. Access a wide range of insurers to find competitive rates and comprehensive coverage options. Our online platform is available 24/7, allowing you to compare quotes and purchase insurance at your convenience. Benefit from expert guidance without the bias that may come with Business Equipment Insurance brokers, enabling you to make decisions based on your unique requirements.

We partner with some of the UK’s most trusted business equipment providers, so that you can compare insurance quotes and choose the options that suit you best.

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Do I need business equipment insurance?

While it’s not compulsory it is a good idea. Think about what would happen to your business if you suddenly had to replace all the equipment you use. It’s an enormous cost, which is why having insurance is vital. This will cover the price of a replacement and minimise the impact on your operations. It’s worth remembering that, not only do accidents happen, there’s also the risk of theft, but deliberate damage, or electrical equipment developing faults with no real reason. Business equipment insurance can protect a wide range of tools and equipment, including mobile phones and other kinds of business equipment cover. For more information, or to arrange your bespoke business equipment insurance policy, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

What kinds of equipment will business equipment insurance cover?

Here at Brisco Business Insurance, we can provide a complete range of business equipment insurance to protect your tools and equipment. Some of the various kinds of business equipment insurance that we can provide include:

  • Computer Equipment Insurance
  • Electrical Equipment Insurance
  • Contractor Tools / Portable Tools Insurance
  • Specialist Equipment Insurance

Whether you’re looking to protect electrical equipment insurance to protect small business computing equipment, mobile phones or even contractor tools, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Does it cover my equipment everywhere?

Not necessarily. Some policies only cover equipment when it is used in the office. If you intend to use it elsewhere, you can often add all risks cover to your policy and select to cover your equipment anywhere in the UK, EU or Worldwide.

Is this a substitute for business interruption insurance?

No. While equipment insurance only covers you if you need to replace tools or machines which are vital to your job, it will not help if you have to stop operations for some reason.  Business Interruption insurance will cover your lost profits or income if you are unable to trade. 

Should I have liability insurance?

Yes. If someone suffers an injury because of a problem with your equipment, you could be held responsible. This will cover you for any claims for compensation brought against you. 

Can I reduce my premiums?

Sometimes. We know that cost will always be an issue. Everyone is on a budget and while you want a comprehensive policy you also don’t want to pay for more cover than you are realistically likely to use. It pays to look closely at each policy and tailor it to your own specific needs and you can do this easily with our Brisco Business quote engine.

How much is business equipment insurance?

The cost of your policy will depend on factors like the exact nature of your business and the risks it encounters, how expensive your equipment is and the level of cover you opt for. For instance, a company looking to take out insurance for its computers would likely pay more for business equipment insurance than one wanting to cover stationery or kitchen supplies.

Can I pair business equipment insurance with other insurance policies?

Yes, you can! Here at Brisco Business Insurance, we can provide a complete range of business insurance policies, including business equipment insurance, professional indemnity insurance and more. Whether you’re looking to protect your small business equipment from theft, accidental damage, or any other kind of injury or loss, Brisco’s experienced team are here to help.

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