Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance

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As a business owner, you will always try to do everything you can to ensure your company stays on a sound financial footing. However, it is impossible to defend against the unknown and if something happens which forces your business to close, even for a short time, you may struggle to survive. Time is money and every day your doors stay closed, is a day’s revenue lost. 

At times like that, business interruption insurance can be a life saver. It can cover lost revenue at a time when you need it most. Its purpose will be to keep your business ticking over until you can open the doors again. As such, it could help you survive a difficult period and emerge the other side.  A typical business interruption policy will cover you if your business were to close following a fire, flood or explosion for example.  There will be no cover under a business interruption policy for forced closure caused by pandemics or events affecting multiple businesses across a wide area.

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What does business interruption insurance cover?

The purpose of business interruption is to cover a hiatus in your work. For example, imagine you’ve suffered a fire at your shop. Not only must you pay the cost of repairs or rebuilding your property but you must shoulder all that lost revenue while you are unable to operate. At times like this, business interruption insurance is your lifeline. It will keep you afloat at a very difficult time and make sure you have a business to go back to.  The cost of setting up business elsewhere while your property is being repaired is also including in most business interruption policies.

How much does business interruption insurance cost?

Insurers assess the price of insurance depending on a number of factors. This will include the size of your business, the number of employees you have, revenue and type of work you do. By shopping around and comparing quotes with Brisco Business, you can improve your chances of finding a comprehensive policy at an affordable price.

Won’t my regular buildings insurance cover for an interruption?

No. There is a common misperception that your buildings and business insurance will cover for any interruption to your operations. However, this will not be the case. You must make sure you specifically add business interruption insurance as part of your cover to make sure you are protected in what will be an extremely difficult time.

What does business interruption insurance cover?

This policy covers any loss of income as a result of a flood or fire for example which prevents your business operating as normal. Business interruption insurance also covers operating expenses, moving to a temporary location and things like payroll, taxes and loan payments. Any essential equipment that is damaged during a fire, flood or storm is covered under your contents insurance.

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