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Surgery Insurance

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As a surgery owner, you may encounter some unforeseen and ultimately costly issues. For example, your medical equipment can malfunction, or you could cause accidental harm to a patient. Having the right insurance policy is crucial when such unfortunate incidents happen. Whether you need dental surgery insurance or vets cover, you can find the right insurance for your surgery with our quote comparison tool.

Surgery insurance protects you from any potential risk that comes with your business. If you employ staff, for example, employers liability insurance is a legal requirement, and will ensure your workers can receive compensation in case of accidents. Meanwhile, public liability insurance will shield your business if you cause injury or property damage to a customer or member of the public.

Compare quotes for surgery insurance along with many other types of business insurance and find a policy with covers to meet your needs.

When you deal with the wellbeing of people or pets, it’s not enough to use generic insurance — you want a cover that is purpose-built for your needs. With Brisco, you can get a bespoke package that’s made for your particular business needs.

We partner with some of the UK’s most trusted surgery insurance providers, so that you can compare insurance quotes and choose the options that suit you best.

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What insurance do I need for a surgery?

One of the biggest challenges when securing insurance can be accurately calculating the total value of everything contained within the premises. A good insurer with a specialist background in protecting surgeries will offer a policy which is suitable for your exact needs. The essential covers for surgeries will be provided as standard, saving you the hassle of figuring out what you need. However, you’ll still have the option to pick extensions for a policy that’s tailored to your particular requirements.

How much does surgery insurance cost?

Like every type of cover, the price of surgery insurance varies based on a number of factors. These include the provider you choose, the size of your surgery, your average turnover, the number of employees you have, and even your claims history. We realise this is quite vague, however, with Brisco Business Insurance you can compare quotes to find the policy that’s right for you for the most affordable price.

Do I need legal expenses cover?

Unfortunately, legal disputes are relatively common when it comes to surgeries. Contractual issues, staffing matters and tax and VAT inspections are only a few examples, and if these claims are brought against you, the costs can be crippling. Legal expenses cover protects you in this eventuality, while also granting you access to legal helplines and advice to assist you.

Are there any exceptions to a surgery insurance policy?

All insurance policies contain exceptions and exclusions. When you compare surgery quotes from a variety of insurers, you can choose the policy that suits you best. You are given the opportunity to review the policy cover, limits and exceptions before making your decision. With Brisco Business, you can weigh up multiple quotes and select the one that offers you the most suitable cover for the best price.

What covers can I expect in my surgery insurance?

Surgery insurance varies in its specifics. Most policies will have a number of essential covers which you can top-up, creating the perfect insurance for your needs. Usually, these all-important protections include the likes of employers liability and public liability insurance. Other common covers include business equipment insurance, which can be used if your medical equipment is damaged or stolen, and professional indemnity insurance. This will protect you in case a customer suffers a financial loss due to incorrect advice.

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