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Buildings Insurance

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As a business owner you will work hard to grow your business, but what if something happens to the structure of your building? Fire, floods, extreme weather and other hazards can inflict a huge amount of damage. Without a good insurance the implications could be devastating. 

Buildings insurance is there to protect you in case the worst happens. It covers you for damage to the fabric of your property and even extends to a complete rebuild. With this in place you can rest assured that no matter what unexpected events come your way, you will be properly protected against everything.

If you lease your business premises, the building will usually be insured by your landlord but just check that you have not been made responsible for the insurance under the terms of your lease.

Compare quotes for buildings insurance along with many other types of property insurance with Brisco Business now and find a policy with covers to meet your needs.

Working with Brisco is better than Buildings Insurance brokers for several reasons. Our platform provides access to a wide range of insurers, allowing you to find competitive rates and comprehensive coverage options. With 24/7 availability and a user-friendly interface, Brisco empowers you to make decisions tailored to your unique business requirements.

We partner with some of the UK’s most trusted buildings providers, so that you can compare insurance quotes and choose the options that suit you best.

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What does buildings insurance cover?

Building insurance does exactly what it says on the tin. In other words, it insures against any damage from known threats such as fire, flooding or extreme weather and storms. So if your property were to catch fire, your insurer will cover the cost of repairing the property to the same condition as it was before the fire.  Always make sure that the sum insured you select for buildings insurance covers the full new replacement cost of your property.  This will often be different to the market value of the property and if you are unsure, you should seek an independent rebuild valuation.

How much does buildings insurance cost?

The cost of building insurance depends on many factors including the size of property, location and how many claims you have made in the past five years. To calculate how much insurance you need, you will have to get the rebuild cost of the building so you know you’ll be covered no matter what happens.

What if I leave my building empty for a period of time? Will I still be covered?

No. A conventional building insurance policy only covers you for a short period of absence, such as a holiday. If you decide to leave it vacant for longer, your insurance will not cover it. In that case you’ll need to add a specialist unoccupied buildings cover to protect against the added risks which come with leaving a property empty. 

What is the difference between buildings insurance and contents insurance?

The difference is that buildings insurance protects the physical structure of your property, including the walls, floors and roofs. So should anything happen to the outside of your building, for instance, say a car accidentally crashes into a wall damaging it, buildings insurance will cover the repairs. Contents insurance, on the other hand, covers the items inside your premises.

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