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The Essential Qualifications to Become a Pharmacist: A Comprehensive Guide

By Maria Hickey on November 8th, 2023

For those looking to embark on an in-demand and meaningful career as a pharmacist, there are several key qualifications you must obtain. While the path requires extensive education and training, the rewards of joining this healthcare profession make it a worthwhile pursuit.

If you’re considering becoming a pharmacist and want to understand the essential requirements, this guide covers everything you need to know. 

MPharm Degree

The primary requirement to become a pharmacist is completing a 4-year Master’s of Pharmacy (MPharm) degree program. MPharm degrees must be approved by the General Pharmaceutical Council, the regulatory body for pharmacists in the UK.

These intensive programs provide extensive education in topics like:

  • Disease treatment and drug therapies
  • Pharmaceutical calculations and compounding
  • Medication dosing, usage instructions, and counselling
  • Pharmacy operations and inventory management
  • Pharmacy law, ethics, and UK healthcare regulations

Coursework emphasises direct patient care skills and applying pharmaceutical expertise, while placements in pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics develop practical abilities.

Entry Requirements for MPharm Degrees

Getting accepted into an MPharm program can be competitive, with specific entry requirements needed:

  • At least 1 A-Level, or equivalent qualification, for a pharmacy foundation degree
  • 2-3 A-Levels, or equivalent qualifications, including chemistry for direct entry into an MPharm

General Pharmaceutical Council Registration

After completing the MPharm, graduates must register with the General Pharmaceutical Council by passing their registration exam. This demonstrates you meet competency standards and allows you to practise as a pharmacist.

Key Soft Skills

While academic qualifications are paramount, certain soft skills also help pharmacists excel:

Communication Skills

As a pharmacist, you will need to clearly explain medication usage, dosages, side effects, contraindications, and other health topics to patients. Active listening skills also allow you to build rapport, assess patient concerns, and identify any issues they may be experiencing with their medications. 


Understanding each patient’s unique needs and perspective allows you to tailor medication recommendations and care plans appropriately. Showing empathy builds a human connection that motivates patients and leads to better adherence.

Analytical Thinking

The work of a pharmacist involves constantly analysing complex pharmaceutical information and assessing optimal solutions for patient medication regimens. Strong logic and critical thinking skills allow you to weigh drug options objectively, taking into account efficacy, safety, cost, dosage, and other clinical factors. 

Making sound judgements ensures patients get the medications that will benefit them the most.


Pharmacies handle a high volume of prescriptions that need to be filled accurately and efficiently. Following established protocols precisely when measuring, preparing, labelling, and dispensing medicines is crucial to avoid potentially harmful errors.


Pharmacy environments can often be fast-paced and stressful when dealing with many patients back-to-back. Remaining focused and level-headed when under pressure allows you to avoid mistakes and provide thoughtful guidance. 

Developing these personal attributes will help you provide attentive, compassionate care and service as a pharmacist. 

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Becoming a registered pharmacist requires extensive education covering all pharmaceutical, health, scientific and regulatory topics essential to the role. However, operating a pharmacy also requires proper insurance to protect your business from a range of risks.

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