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The off licence has been a staple of our high street for decades, but the market can be uncertain making life difficult for many retailers. If the unexpected happens, a good insurance policy could make the difference between staying on your feet and going under. 

At Brisco Business, we’re dedicated to helping all businesses protect themselves against the common risks they face. Whatever your needs, we can help you find a tailored off licence insurance which protects against your most serious business risks.

Compare quotes for off licence shop insurance along with many other types of Shop Insurance with Brisco Business now and find a policy with covers to meet your needs.

Brisco makes insurance simple compared to Off Licence Insurance brokers. Compare quotes from leading insurers easily to find the most suitable coverage at competitive prices. Save time and money while using our platform to find the right insurance for your business.

We partner with some of the UK’s most trusted off licence providers, so that you can compare insurance quotes and choose the options that suit you best.

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You should make sure the policy you choose meets your demands and needs during the quotation process.
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What should I insure against?

Every business will have to make a decision about what covers are most appropriate for their needs. Alongside general covers such as buildings insurance, you will need to think about protection of the alcohol on your premises and if anything happens which affects your ability to sell alcoholic drinks.

I’ve lost my licence. Can I be covered?

Losing your licence maybe catastrophic for an off licence, but you can insure against it so you are at least paid some compensation while the issue is resolved. Add cover for loss of licence to any policy with Brisco Business to ensure you have the cover you need for your business.

How much cover will I need?

This will depend on your business and the value of any property you want to cover. You should calculate the total cost of rebuild and how much it might cost to replace all the stock and contents within your shop. This will give you a good idea of how much insurance you will need.

I’m on a budget. Can I reduce my premium?

Saving money on premiums can be tempting but this may leave you financially exposed in case you have to make a claim. The best way is to shop around. With Brisco Business you can compare quotes to find the best and most affordable option for your needs.

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