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As a tiler there is a myriad of risks and threats to your business that you will need to consider. A good insurance policy tailored to your business is essential.  Without insurance, you would need to fund any compensation claims made against you.  Things like damage to a customers property while tiling or a customer tripping over your tool box can add up to a large sum.   

At Brisco Business, we know how challenging life can be as a business owner. Whether you want to protect against damage to your critical equipment, injuries or any professional liabilities, you can compare quotes from leading insurers to find the policy for you.

Compare quotes for tiling insurance along with many other types of tradesman insurance with Brisco Business now and find a policy with covers to meet your needs.


Brisco is the hassle-free alternative to Tiling Insurance brokers for insurance shopping. Compare quotes from leading insurers easily to find the most suitable coverage at competitive prices. Save time and money while using our platform to find the right insurance without the limitations often faced with brokers.

We partner with some of the UK’s most trusted tiling providers, so that you can compare insurance quotes and choose the options that suit you best.

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What does tiling insurance include?

Insurance can cover you against known threats such as damage from fire, accident or floods. It can also protect you if you get injured and help you pay compensation for any injuries sustained by members of your staff.

What is employers’ liability cover for tiling businesses? 

Employers’ liability insurance covers any legal fees or compensation if one of your employees suffers a work-related illness or injury. Your policy must cover you for at least £5 million and you can be fined if you don’t get proper cover from an authorised insurer.

Tilers can be exposed to a lot of risks, such as eye injuries from dust, as well as cuts and abrasions, so it is crucial to have the right cover for compensation costs.

What if you don’t have employers’ liability cover?

If you are a tiler who has employees working for you but don’t have employers’ liability insurance, then you are at risk of being fined £2,500 every day.

In the UK, it is legally required to have employers’ liability insurance that will provide cover you from at least £5 million.

Do you need tilers insurance cover to work self-employed?

If you are a self-employed tiler, then it is crucial that you sort out your own insurance as you won’t have an employer to organise one for you.

You won’t need employers’ liability insurance if you are a sole trader, but other types of cover you may need include tilers public liability insurance, product liability insurance, and professional indemnity insurance.

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To find out what tilers insurance cost will be for your tiling business, compare business insurance with our online quoting tool, including public liability cover, personal accident insurance, contract works insurance, tools insurance, legal expenses insurance, and much more other covers.

We are insurance experts that are dedicated to helping you find a tailored business insurance policy for your tiling business. Get an instant quote today for tradesman insurance.

What happens if you don’t have public liability insurance cover? 

If you don’t have public liability insurance as a tiler, then you may have to pay legal costs or compensation from your own pocket if a claim is made against you, making public liability insurance vital. Public liability insurance can cover you for third party property damage and any injuries caused by your activities.

What business insurance policy is needed in construction? 

There is a range of tilers cover and contract works cover that is needed in construction work, such as:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Product Liability Insurance
  • Employer Liability Insurance
  • Contractors All Risk Insurance
  • Plant and Equipment Insurance
  • Tools insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Structural warranty

Is public liability the same as indemnity insurance? 

Public liability and professional indemnity are both types of business insurance for tilers, but the cover they offer is different:

Public liability insurance vs. professional indemnity insurance

Public liability tiler insurance covers compensation claims if you are being sued by a member of the public, whereas professional indemnity insurance covers compensation claims if you are sued by a customer.

Do I need liability insurance?

Yes. You have an obligation to protect the health of any employees and also any members of the public who use your services. You may also want to protect against any damage done as a result of your work. For example, if a loose tile causes damage or injury you could be held responsible.

How should I work out my cover?

It’s always a difficult balancing act. You don’t want to be left exposed without enough insurance. However, at the same time, you don’t want to pay more than you need to. You’ll have to understand your risks and calculate the exact value of cover you will need.

Are there any exceptions?

Sometimes. Providers vary in the extent level of cover they offer. Some may also not cover certain threats. Mistakes you make can also sometimes invalidate insurance, so it’s important to read the small print.  When you get a quote with Brisco Business, you will be presented with a range of options and you can choose the insurance provider whose policy best meets your needs.

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