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Do Locum Vets need Indemnity Insurance?

By Maria Hickey on June 26th, 2023

Are you considering working as a locum vet but concerned about the risks and liabilities associated with this role? It’s important for locum veterinarians to have adequate professional indemnity insurance coverage in order to protect themselves against legal claims and financial losses that could arise from their work.

This article explores the significance of adequate professional indemnity insurance for veterinary locums and provides guidance on finding an affordable policy that offers the required coverage. It is crucial for insurance to cover locum vets to ensure their protection and minimise potential risks.

Overview of Locum Vet Work

A locum vet is a professional veterinarian who works as a temporary replacement for an absent or unavailable vet. This type of work can be highly beneficial to both practices and vets, as it ensures continuity of service while allowing the veterinary surgeon to gain experience in different settings.

In order for veterinary locums to practise safely and effectively, they must have the right insurance cover in place. This is where professional indemnity insurance comes into play.

What is Indemnity Insurance for Locum Vets?

Professional indemnity insurance is designed to provide financial protection against claims arising from professional misconduct or negligence. Although it is not a legal requirement in the UK, it is strongly recommended that locum vets take out appropriate professional indemnity insurance to protect themselves against any potential legal issues they may face.

Examples where professional indemnity insurance cover would be needed:

• If a locum makes an incorrect diagnosis or treatment plan due to human error.

• If a veterinary surgeon prescribes the wrong medication or dosage.

• If a professional vet fails to adhere to industry best practices when performing treatments or procedures.

• If a client alleges that their pet suffered harm as a result of the locum’s negligence.

Do Locum Vets Need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

The ever-changing nature of locum work means that it can be hard to predict when something might go wrong. As such, veterinary locums need to ensure they are covered by an adequate level of professional indemnity insurance in order to protect themselves against claims.

Reasons why locum vets should have professional indemnity insurance include:

• It provides financial protection against claims for professional misconduct or negligence.

• It covers the cost of defending legal claims, as well as any damages awarded to successful claimants.

• It can help to protect a locum’s reputation if they are accused of making a mistake or error in judgement during their work.

• It can help to provide peace of mind that a veterinary professional is prepared for any potential risks associated with their work.

Finding the Right Insurance for Locum Vets

When looking for a suitable professional indemnity insurance policy, it’s important to consider your individual needs. A good policy should provide the right level of cover at an affordable price, and you should make sure that you understand any exclusions or limitations on the insurance policy.

It’s also worth speaking to a specialist broker or insurance company who can provide tailored advice on the right type of insurance for your locum work. They will be able to advise you on the types of policies available and help you find one that fits your needs and budget.


Being a veterinary professional can be a rewarding and satisfying career, but it also carries risks. To ensure that you are adequately protected against any legal issues that may arise, it’s essential to have the right level of indemnity insurance cover in place.

By taking the time to research different policies and speaking to an expert, you can make sure you have the right insurance cover to protect yourself and your business.

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