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The Impact of Glass Repairs on Your Business Insurance: What You Need to Know

By Darragh Timlin on March 7th, 2024

For retailers, restaurants, offices and other ventures, the glass windows, doors and partitions used extensively in premises carry inherent breakage risks from weather, accidents or crime. What happens when the glass assets of your business suffer damage?

Beyond the immediate repair expenses, many companies overlook that glass damage also commonly affects insurance policies. Understanding how glass repairs intersect with insurance protocols proves vital to make informed financial decisions while restoring your property effectively after glass breakage incidents.

Do Glass Repairs Affect Your Insurance?

A common business insurance question arises – does glass repair affect insurance? The answer is often yes. Typical general business policies exclude wear and tear damage but do provide coverage against glass breakage from covered causes like storms, theft or collisions.

However, the specifics of your policy terms related to glass repairs require review.

Insurance contracts outline various factors dictating the insurer’s financial responsibility for glass repairs, like:

  • Cause of damage
  • Repair method utilised – replacement vs repairs
  • Claims history
  • Agreed valuations
  • Policy deductible amount

Understanding how insurers interpret glass repair scenarios within your particular policy allows smarter choices between paid claims and out-of-pocket repair costs.

Key Factors Impacting Glass Repair Insurance

Several important elements guide insurance outcomes when business glass sustains damage:

Covered Causes

Policies typically cover sudden glass breakage from events like severe weather, theft or vandalism but exclude gradual deterioration from old age or building flaws. If the damage caused is not covered, claims get denied.

Repair Method

Insurers often treat glass replacements differently than repairs in claims assessment. Checks caps on coverage amounts for each method.

Claims History

Frequent past glass claims can lead insurers to impose restrictive policy amendments on your business, like requiring security upgrades before further payouts.

Agreed Valuations

If repair quotes exceed the agreed glass asset values locked into your policy, receiving sufficient claim payouts becomes difficult.


With high excess, small glass repair costs fall below the value threshold to justify making a claim versus paying out of pocket.

Without accounting for these potential impacts, unpleasant surprises around insurance coverage and obligations can arise after breakages. Discuss with your insurer upfront to prevent issues.

Preventative Maintenance for Glass Assets

While occasional glass breakages remain largely unavoidable, preventative maintenance helps minimise risks:

  • Address building flaws allowing water seepage/leak, which can compromise glass framing over time.
  • Upgrade aged single pane glass to modern double or triple glazing for better insulation and resilience.
  • Install safety films, shutters or decorations providing extra strength against extreme weather or attempted break-ins.
  • Replace standard glass with code-compliant safety glass materials across vulnerabile locations like doors or low partitions.

Such investments pay dividends through years of uninterrupted glass performance and associated insurance savings when business glass assets stay intact without damage.

How Frequent Repairs Increase Premiums

Insurers track policyholder claims patterns in detail, with frequent glass repairs signalling higher risk exposures likely to spur future claims. After extended claim-free periods or major risk mitigation efforts like security upgrades, they may reassess your business as lower-risk to adjust premiums downwards again.

Overall, minimising glass damage incidents correlates strongly with lower business insurance costs over time thanks to reduced risks insurers must account for.

Ensure Your Insurance Delivers

For companies relying on business insurance policies to restore glass assets after breakages, validate that your current coverage offers sufficient protection. Review aspects like:

  • Comprehensive Glass Cover – Avoid basic policies only covering glass damage from specific causes. Seek broader accidental damage coverage with higher limits.
  • Business Disruption Extensions – Major glass damage from risks like storms may necessitate temporary closures while completing repairs. Secure add-on coverage to help offset income losses during shutdowns.

Discussing specifics of your glass risks and insurance needs with an experienced commercial broker proves invaluable for securing policy provisions that fully protect when breakage incidents strike.

Protect Your Business with Brisco

Here at Brisco Business Insurance, we understand the frustrations companies face when glass damage occurs and insurance falls short. Our specialised glass insurance solutions offer comprehensive protection so you can promptly repair and replace damaged windows, doors, partitions or signage without financial stress.

With tailored coverage options protecting businesses across sectors like retail, offices, hospitality and industrial works, Brisco glass insurance provides accident protection beyond basic policies and competitive premiums. 

Get a quote for Brisco glass cover designed around your business needs today. We make insurance work for you during disruptions so you can focus on resuming operations seamlessly.

Darragh Timlin

With over 25 years’ experience, Darragh is an expert in all things insurance. Starting his career in commercial property underwriting, Darragh has worked for a number of global insurers and is now Managing Director of Brisco Business, part of the wider Henry Seymour Group.

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