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Does Filing a Glass Claim Affect Your Insurance Policy? What You Need to Know

By Darragh Timlin on March 7th, 2024

Inevitably across decades of operating commercial property, breakages arise resulting in cracked panels, shattered doorways or collapsed partition walls requiring glass repairs and replacements. When such glass damage occurs, does reaching for the insurance lifeline to fund expensive repairs cause long term consequences?

Many small business owners instinctively pay glass damage bills outright, fearing insurance claims triggering future rate hikes or policy drops. However, by understanding insurer responses to well-managed glass loss claims helps business owners make informed financial choices.

Do Glass Claims Raise Insurance Rates?

After glass breakage, the top worry business policyholders cite around filing claims centres on whether glass claims raise insurance premiums or not. Insurers actually take a nuanced view when policyholders submit glass asset damage claims.

Increased premiums are unlikely after isolated glass claims stemming from one-off covered factors like extreme weather events or accidental collisions – especially when appropriate post-claim measures have been put in place, like implementing reinforced safety glass.

However, patterns of repeat glass claims traced to unaddressed risks like inadequate security often necessitate rate increases until meaningful exposure reductions occur. The claims history as opposed to isolated claims themselves tend to drive premium changes.

How Insurers Evaluate Glass Claims

When business policyholders file glass damage claims, insurer claims teams thoroughly evaluate circumstances like:

  • Documented damage cause – Accident? Attempted break-in? Nearby construction debris? Gradual deterioration?
  • Frequency/severity of past claims –  Demonstrates overall risk level.
  • Adequacy of policyholders’ loss prevention efforts – Do vulnerabilities enable repeat damage?
  • Post-claim actions to control exposures – Implementing reinforced glass, bolstered security etc. demonstrates policyholder commitment to risk management expected by insurers.

Long Term Impacts of Glass Claims

Do occasional glass claims irreversibly affect your insurance policy through higher long term costs? Again, isolated claims attributed to random covered loss events like storms rarely impose lasting penalties. 

However, patterns of frequent claims can enable insurers to re-classify business policyholders into higher risk categories, justifying increased premiums, revised coverage terms or even non-renewal of policies. Without addressing root causes of repeat damage, expensive insurance repercussions will continue.

Strategies for Maintaining Affordable Insurance

Glass repairs and replacements represent significant unbudgeted costs most small companies cannot readily absorb without insurance buffers. Yet maintaining affordable premiums also matters. Strategies to balance both objectives include:

Mitigate risks

Insurer site assessments often identify vulnerabilities to target. Upgrading aged single pane glass panes to modern safety glass proves one common recommendation.

Review policy terms

Understand exact policy provisions for glass claims around damage causes covered, claims history impacts and required post-claim risk reduction efforts.

Meet post-claim obligations

Comply fully with insurer requirements like implementing strengthened glass or enhanced security systems following paid claims to prevent further damage enabling stable premiums.

Fix underlying conditions

Where building flaws like chronic leaks or shifts shatter glass over time, address root problems proactively rather than allowing repeated breakages.

Consider claim trade-offs

Calculations should determine whether claim values sufficiently exceed long term cumulative premium increases to warrant potential insurance adjustments from insurers.

Maintain Quality Insurance Relations

Insurers aim to retain lower risk customers. By tackling risk factors through site upgrades while submitting only clearly defined covered claims, favourable policy terms generally continue over the long run.

Policyholders planning for the occasional unavoidable glass breakage while demonstrating commitment to maximal prevention foster positive, lasting insurer relationships even when the need for isolated glass claims arises.

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