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The Essential Guide to Travel Insurance for Work-Related Trips

By Maria Hickey on February 2nd, 2024

As a travel agent catering to corporate clients, you know that business travel is ramping up again post-pandemic. Companies are sending key employees abroad to reconnect with partners, attend conventions, or handle vital onsite matters.

However, every destination poses risks, from flight delays to illnesses, that could derail important work trips without proper precautions like travel insurance for work. Business travel insurance provides essential support so your corporate travellers can focus fully on objectives rather than worrying over contingencies.

Key Benefits of Dedicated Work Travel Insurance

Generic holiday insurance lacks provisions vital for professional travel insurance needs. Employee travel insurance designed specifically for work trips offers advantages like:

Emergency Medical Evacuation

If an employee falls critically ill abroad, fast access to quality care is paramount. Specialised plans cover emergency transport to proper facilities, including air ambulance transfers. This can literally save lives.

24/7 Travel Assistance

Assistance helplines provide real-time guidance on everything from replacing lost passports to legal referrals. This on-call support brings peace of mind.

Higher Policy Limits

Key coverage like medical, baggage loss, or trip cancellations has limits far exceeding typical holiday insurance. This accounts for higher business travel expenses.

Pre-Existing Condition Cover

Unlike standard policies, many travel insurance for business travellers still provide medical cover for pre-existing health issues like diabetes or asthma when disclosed upfront. This ensures employees get care for chronic conditions if they suddenly worsen overseas.

Key Factors Impacting Corporate Travel Insurance Costs

In sourcing international work travel insurance plans, travel agents must balance protection scope with affordability. Variables like trip duration, destination risk levels and policy types influence premiums:

  • Trip Length: Longer trips equal higher policy prices, as extended overseas stays raise risks. However, long-term plans offer savings over multiple single-trip policies for frequent work travellers.
  • High-Risk Locations: Destinations with elevated health hazards, political instability, or poor infrastructure warrant pricier premiums to address added dangers. Evaluate country-specific alerts.
  • Age of Travellers: Older employees face increased health risks, boosting corporate trip coverage costs. However, experienced travellers may claim less for lost baggage or trip disruptions. Factor in traveller demographics.
  • Custom Policies: Larger employers can benefit from custom employer travel insurance plans tailored to their workforce risks compared to individual retail plans. However, minimum group sizes apply.

Business Travel Risks Insurers Evaluate

The key aspects affecting premiums include:

  • Industry and Occupations – Some sectors like mining, news, or aid work see higher claims due to remote regions visited or physical activity exposure.
  • Pre-Trip Health Screening – Rigorous medical checks before travel can qualify groups for coverage concessions, as can mandating vaccines boosting immunity.
  • Claims History Patterns – Prior volume of medical, evacuation, lost baggage or cancellation claims influence pricing like any insurance. 

Discuss your clients’ sectors, past patterns and health screening for the best premiums.

Key Business Travel Insurance Exclusions

While policies cover wide scenarios, some exclusions apply:

  • Adventure Sports – High-risk pursuits like bungee jumping often require separate specialist insurance beyond standard business travel cover.
  • War and Civil Unrest – Most plans exclude claims arising from locations deemed unsafe due to political instability or conflict. Check travel advisories.
  • Pre-Travel Health Incidents – Undisclosed pre-existing conditions or injuries arising before policy activation often cannot get claimed against later when abroad. Transparency during application avoids denials.

Ensure clients understand key activity, destination and health elements falling outside standard corporate travel insurance plans when booking so alternative provisions can be made where necessary to avoid coverage gaps.

Why Travel Agents Choose Brisco Business Travel Insurance

Brisco Business goes beyond travel insurance plans and provides comprehensive travel agent insurance coverage to protect your own agency operations.

Our policies safeguard across critical areas like public liability, professional indemnity, and employers’ liability. Knowing your agency remains protected from blindside events allows you to fully focus on customers. Get in touch today to keep your travel enterprise resilient.

Maria Hickey

For more than 20 years, Maria has worked in the insurance sector and has extensive underwriting and customer service expertise. Maria is an experienced Senior Underwriter with a particular specialism for shop, office and surgery related insurance.

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