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The Essential Guide to General Liability Insurance for IT Consultants

By Maria Hickey on March 7th, 2024


As an IT consultant, you provide invaluable technology guidance and services to help clients optimise their systems and operations. However, in doing so, you also incur professional liability should something go wrong while working on-site that causes harm or property damage. This makes general liability IT Consultant Insurance vital.

General liability insurance specifically covers consultancies against expensive third-party claims alleging physical injury or property damage caused by your staff or business operations. It protects your hard-earned assets and brand reputation, while funding legal bills to dispute unjustified claims. 

Why General Liability Matters

General liability insurance policies commonly provide protection in areas like:

Property Damage

If your employees accidentally damage a client’s property, it will cost money to repair or replace it. For example, it covers costs if a consultant spills coffee on a laptop at a customer site.

Bodily Injury

Funds medical bills, lost wages and legal settlements if a client or other third party alleges they suffered physical harm due to your negligent actions or failure to protect them from harm while working on-site.

Legal Defence

Covers legal consultation and representation expenses to dispute liability claims against your firm. Even false claims often cost substantial sums just to formally disprove in court.

Common Claim Scenarios

To determine what general liability limits adequately fit your IT consultancy’s risk profile, it helps to consider potential claim situations that could plausibly arise:

  • Workplace Accidents – What if a consultant accidentally spills a drink while working in a server room and causes substantial equipment damage? Or a client employee trips over loose cables left on-site, suffering a serious injury?
  • Cyber Incidents – Despite best data security practices, could a staff laptop theft or system hack occur that leaks sensitive client records? 
  • Reputation Impacts – Beyond direct claim costs, adverse events can negatively impact client relationships and referral prospects. Prompt communications and reputation management services prove vital.

While scenarios will differ across IT consultants based on services delivered, examining reasonable “what if” possibilities relative to your own typical projects, client environments and risk factors helps determine your coverage needs.

Key Policy Considerations

Crafting a general liability solution means weighing important factors like:

Coverage Limits

Set limits high enough to fully cover potential legal judgements or settlements within your areas of consultation. Industry standards provide starting benchmarks to discuss with an advisor.

Provider Experience

Work with an established insurer who understands the daily exposures and professional liability risks facing modern IT consultancies.

Premium Discounts

Take advantage of any available discounts to reduce policy costs, such as bundled pricing, favourable claims history, risk management investments and paying premiums in full upfront rather than instalments.

Coverage Exclusion

Closely review exclusions and restrictions within policies to avoid any unpleasant surprises later, should you need to file a claim. 

Why Brisco Delivers Unmatched IT Consultant Insurance

Here at Brisco Business, our agents thoroughly understand the realities of operating IT consulting firms today. After advising many IT business clients over our long history, we created specialised IT Consultant Insurance, addressing key risks. 

Don’t leave your firm vulnerable – reach out today for general liability solutions that keep your consultancy protected while keeping service delivery focused on exceeding customer expectations rather than worrying over risks. With the right coverage, you can confidently grow your business.

Maria Hickey

For more than 20 years, Maria has worked in the insurance sector and has extensive underwriting and customer service expertise. Maria is an experienced Senior Underwriter with a particular specialism for shop, office and surgery related insurance.

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