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Navigating Cyber Liability Insurance for IT Consultants: What You Need to Know

By Maria Hickey on March 7th, 2024

IT consultants handle highly sensitive client information like financial records, strategic plans, system access credentials, intellectual property and more while delivering services. As cyber threats increase exponentially, securing dedicated cyber insurance is essential for consultancy risk management.

However, navigating the specific types and limits of cyber cover for tech consulting firms can bring plenty of confusion. 

Why Cyber Insurance Matters

Maintaining cybersecurity defences has grown even more challenging amid remote work expansion. Typical cyber liability dangers that IT consultants face include:

  • Malware and Ransomware Attacks – Attacks disrupt systems and block access to critical data until sizable extortion payments are made. Events may spark client disputes if they are not handled promptly.
  • Supply Chain Attacks – Third party weaknesses are targeted to penetrate client information consultants directly and compromise sensitive records.
  • Cloud Misconfigurations – Errors when managing complex cloud infrastructures enable data leaks or service interruptions.
  • Insider Threats – Breaches, unauthorised access, or policy violations by staff.
  • Device Theft / Loss – The loss of control of laptops, hard drives or mobile devices holding client data.

Without tailored plans covering the unique cyber risks that IT consultants face, dealing with these dangers can totally derail operations and profitability.

Essential Cyber Policy Components

Key coverage areas to secure include:

  • Liability – Pays legal expenses if clients sue you for privacy violations, confidential data exposures, damages for hack disruptions you facilitated or failed to prevent properly.
  • Business Interruption – Covers income losses and extra expenses while resolving cyber events keeping systems offline and forcing service delays.
  • Data Recovery – Funds technical work to restore compromised or lost information critical for resuming operations.

Fine-tuning the appropriate coverage limits across each area matched to your level of risk requires guidance from insurance partners knowledgeable in the IT sector.

Audit Cyber Risks and Controls

Gaining comprehensive insurance pricing relies partly on demonstrating cybersecurity efforts aligned with industry best practices. Consider implementing these risk reduction steps.

Conduct Cyber Risk Assessments

Document your most critical data types, technical systems, and security processes, and control gaps through cyber risk assessments and audits. Identifying key vulnerabilities gives insurers clarity on areas needing insurance coverage and opportunities to lower exposures over time.

Institute Ongoing Staff Cybersecurity Training

Conduct regular cybersecurity awareness, data privacy protocols and security compliance training for all consulting personnel, such as quarterly or bi-annual sessions. Well-trained staff are far less likely to fall victim to phishing, mishandle sensitive data, or improperly access systems. 

Deploy Core Technical Cybersecurity Controls

Implement controls like multi-factor authentication for system access, strict access management policies, and detailed activity logging. Such controls significantly obstruct external attacks and insider data theft.

Undertaking such improvements reassures insurers that you actively work to reduce cyber incidents. 

Why Brisco Leads With IT Cyber Insurance

As cybercrimes accelerate, IT consultants must prioritise securing specialised cyber liability coverage aligned with emerging industry threats. Navigating comprehensive protection plans, however, can bring confusion. 

Working with an experienced provider like Brisco Business removes the guesswork. We aim to provide both comprehensive IT Consultant Insurance cover and trusted guidance so you can confidently deliver services free of data breach anxieties that create distraction. Don’t tackle dangers alone – contact Brisco today to discuss your consulting firm’s protection needs.

Maria Hickey

For more than 20 years, Maria has worked in the insurance sector and has extensive underwriting and customer service expertise. Maria is an experienced Senior Underwriter with a particular specialism for shop, office and surgery related insurance.

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