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How to Handle Negativity When Starting a New Business in the UK

By Dean Laming on June 22nd, 2022

When you are starting a new business, you are full of enthusiasm and excitement at the prospect of putting your plans into fruition. So when you are met with negativity from your close friends and family it can leave you feeling demoralised and lacking in confidence.

The thing to remember when starting a new business is that this is perfectly normal and that many successful business owners report similar experiences.  So buckle up, keep focused and don’t give up. There are around 5.5 million small businesses operating in the UK and, just like they all need comprehensive business insurance, all businesses had to start somewhere.

What are the best ways to avoid negativity when starting a new business?

Negativity is a damaging mindset that will impact on your business plans if you let it. We all have moments of self doubt but once this emotion becomes embedded, it is extremely hard to shake off.

Avoid negative people

This can be easier said than done. Remember that negative people probably have no idea of what your business entails and their negativity could derive from the fact they are worried for you or even envious of your entrepreneurial spirit.

Have a detailed scalable business plan

An action plan for starting a new business is necessary for getting your plans off the ground. However a more detailed scalable business plan is a must for any new business. Your plan outlines the position of your business at its early inception and provides the direction you should be taking it now.

Making it scalable means that you plan for expansion in the future where you may need more investment. You can also show your business plan to negative family members to allay their fears and convert their negativity into positive feelings and support for your plans.

Make sure you are covered by the right insurance

If your business brings you in direct contact with customers, public liability insurance is essential. You may need additional insurance to protect your finances and the wellbeing of your customers. Check out small business insurance packages, which are generally used by businesses such as yours.

Don’t lose faith in yourself

It’s only human to suffer from self-doubt sometimes but if your dream is to own my business, remember you are already doing it so have already got further than most people.

Many successful businesses have been surrounded by negativity at the beginning. Bill Gate’s first business failed, Walt Disney went bankrupt, and James Dyson spent 15 years and his life savings before he came up with the final design for the bagless vacuum cleaner. Once your new business starts making money you will know you are heading in the right direction. So keep the faith and try not to let negative comments get you down.

Hire the right people

Your people should be as passionate as you about your business. After all when your business grows they can be with you on your journey and share the benefits. So make sure you hire the people with the right attitude and skill sets to come with you along the way. If you find the people you hire have a negative attitude or don’t believe in your vision they should not be working for you.

How to seek out constructive criticism for your new business

Starting a new business is a steep learning curve and you will make mistakes along the way. To help you overcome these issues, constructive criticism and advice from your peers can help.

Local chamber of commerce

Your local chamber of commerce supports local businesses and can help you network with other professionals and services across the UK. They can help connect your business to the right people and they offer advice to new business owners too. All small business owners should join their local chamber of commerce as this organisation provides great support from the ground up.

Networking events

Networking events give you a chance to meet with other business owners and entrepreneurs. These can help you refine your business practice and any constructive criticism from these professionals will help you see where your business or service could be improved.

Other entrepreneurs

Other entrepreneurs can provide support and a positive mindset, especially if they are not your immediate competition. Check out online groups on social media and get involved with a community of like minded people. Networking in business is crucially important so getting involved on as many levels as possible will help your business as well as help you stay positive.

Ask your customers and clients

If you have customers and clients you are already doing something right in your business. So don’t be afraid to ask them how your service could be improved and if they have any criticism of your operation. Listen to customer feedback and act on it if possible. For example, perhaps they would like additional services or they ask your advice on buying products that you could supply yourself?

For example how many times have you entered a shop for an item only to be told that customers are always asking for that, yet the shop does not stock it? When a business responds to customers it helps identify what it is doing right as well as highlighting any additional areas that may not have been considered.

In conclusion

If you are asking what I need to start my own business, you may be met with a vast array of complicated information that makes it seem impossible. When this is combined with negativity from the people who surround you, you may consider just giving up and going back to your day job!

To keep on track, make sure your action plan for starting a new business is viable and don’t be afraid to ask for advice from the Chamber of Commerce because they are a fantastic resource for help.

Remaining positive is crucially important. So try to ditch the negative influences and get involved with the business community online and in real life. That way you can improve your mindset as well as learn from other professionals who have trod the same path as you.

Starting a new business is exciting and challenging. To get off to a good start always make sure you have the right insurance cover, your book keeping needs covered and the right people around you if you have to hire staff. By starting the way you mean to go on, you can build on your success and create your own business you can be proud of.

Dean Laming

Dean is a Chartered Insurance Broker with more than 25 years insurance experience. Through various underwriting, operational and management roles, Dean has built up extensive knowledge of how to run a business and is now Managing Director of Brisco Business, part of the wider Henry Seymour Group.

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