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For homeowners who plan to rent out their property, a standard home insurance policy may not provide adequate coverage. Instead, they need specialist landlord insurance, also known as buy-to-let insurance. This type of insurance offers landlords tailored protection against the unique risks associated with renting out a property.

Landlord insurance policies typically cover loss of rental income, injuries sustained by tenants or visitors, and property damage. For landlords with multiple rental properties, portfolio policies provide a convenient way to protect all their investments under a single policy. This streamlines the insurance process and can potentially lead to cost savings.

To help landlords find the right insurance policy for their needs and budget, Brisco Business offers a comprehensive insurance comparison tool. By comparing offerings from the UK’s top insurance providers, landlords can quickly identify the most suitable and cost-effective policy for their rental properties.

The best insurance options for residential landlords include contents insurance for furnished properties that covers items like appliances and furniture, as well as loss of rent insurance, which provides coverage if tenants move out unexpectedly, leaving the property vacant and without rental income for a period.

With decades of experience providing rented property policies and only offering those from reputable insurers, our comparison tool will help you find the right policy.

Don’t accept policies that don’t protect you. We work with some of the UK’s most trusted insurance providers for landlords, so you can compare quotes and choose the best option.

We partner with some of the UK’s most trusted landlord insurance providers, so that you can compare insurance quotes and choose the options that suit you best.

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You should make sure the policy you choose meets your demands and needs during the quotation process.

Buy to Let insurance is a top choice for rental property owners seeking comprehensive protection. This specialised insurance policy is designed to be a landlord’s best friend, protecting both the property and the rental income it generates.

Why Do Landlords Need Buy-to-Let Insurance?

  • Property Protection: Buy-to-let insurance protects your property from fires, water damage, and other disasters.

  • Buy-to-let insurance helps cover legal and medical costs if a tenant or guest is injured on your property.

  • Buy to let insurance compensates you for lost rental income if your property is uninhabitable due to significant damage. 

For landlords seeking the most comprehensive protection for their rental properties, combining buy-to-let insurance with building insurance can be a smart choice. In doing so, landlords can enjoy enhanced coverage and potentially save money on their premiums.

As with any major purchase, get multiple quotes before choosing buy-to-let coverage. You get the best protection at the best price with this due diligence. Understanding each policy’s features is essential to protecting your property in all circumstances.

Residential landlords face risks like tenants damaging kitchen appliances, criminal activity, and natural disasters that can damage their properties. This is why good residential insurance is crucial.

Brisco Business’s skilled advisors can recommend optional extras that will best protect your rented property. We can help you find a comprehensive policy to protect your belongings and cover rent loss, legal fees, and tenant claims, regardless of the type of property you own.

Property Insurance

Property insurance covers many policies. As one of the most common types, contents insurance covers lost, damaged or stolen building contents. If a bed you supplied burns down in a furnished property, your contents insurance may cover the replacement.

Property insurance also usually covers building damage, helping to cover accidental damage you or your tenants cause, while glass insurance will cover property glass like windows.

Additional Coverage

Alternative accommodation insurance, like residential landlord property insurance, covers interim housing for tenants if your property becomes uninhabitable, saving you money on their temporary stay.

Alternatively, public liability insurance protects your livelihood if tenants trip over loose floorboards on your property. Insurance helps to cover these legal expenses.

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What Are Landlord Insurance Benefits?

Landlord insurance helps to cover liability, rent loss, and tenant damage. It also gives you peace of mind that your rental properties are protected.

Your policy may cover minor to major damage, including vandalism, arson, and more.

What Insurances Should A Landlord Have?

Landlords should always have the correct insurance, which will cover them for things like liability, loss of rent, and tenant damage. Building insurance for landlords is a useful policy to have, as well as more specific insurance policies such as domestic or commercial landlord insurance.

Is landlord insurance legally required?

As a landlord, you don’t technically need to have landlord insurance. However, putting together a customised policy through Brisco Business can ensure that your finances are protected under any circumstances should the worst happen.

Is landlord insurance available for multiple properties?

Multiple properties may be covered under one landlord insurance policy, but not all policies will guarantee this.

Luckily, Brisco Business can help you customise a landlord insurance policy, including coverage for multiple properties.

Why do you need landlord insurance as a residential property owner?

Standard homeowners insurance is for homeowners, not landlords. Your rental property claims may not be covered without landlord insurance Landlords face unique risks, such as:

  • Lost rental income if the property is uninhabitable

  • The cost of tenant damage or emergency repairs.

  • Liability claims for tenant injuries on the property

Landlord insurance helps to reduce these rental risks. The right policy protects your rental property investment.

What does landlord insurance cost?

The cost of landlord insurance depends on a few different factors. For example, the more properties you have, the more your insurance will cost. What’s more, landlord insurance may cost more in areas where crime levels are higher.

How much landlord insurance do I need?

How much landlord insurance you require is largely determined by the value of your properties and the contents inside. For a landlord’s contents insurance policy specifically, it’s recommended that you estimate the value of all your belongings, such as beds and sofas.

How do I make a claim on my landlord’s insurance?

Contact your provider to request a claim form. Check that you’re within the claim deadline and that the policy covers your claim when filling it out. You should also check the excess and what the insurer will deduct from the claim.

Can You Insure Against Tenants Not Paying Rent?

Yes, you can insure against tenants not paying rent with Brisco Business Insurance. We offer a range of policies that will cover your loss of rent due to tenant default.

What Is The Difference Between Landlord Insurance And Building Insurance?

Residential landlord insurance often covers tenant damage, whether intentional or accidental. However, building insurance will cover the property’s walls, floors, and roof.

Do I Need Building Insurance or Landlord Insurance?

Building insurance is not landlord insurance. Residential landlord insurance covers your contents and liability as a landlord, while building insurance covers your structure. Brisco Business covers both.

Does Landlord Insurance Cover Malicious Damage?

Yes, landlord insurance will cover you for damage caused by your tenants that is classed as ‘malicious’. This type of damage includes things like vandalism, graffiti and intentional fires.

Do You Need Tenants’ Liability Insurance?

If your tenants are not using the property for business purposes, then you don’t necessarily need tenants liability insurance. However, if they are, then it is a legal requirement to have this type of insurance in place.

How Can I Save Tax On My Rental Property?

There are a number of ways to save tax on your rental property, including:

  • Claiming expenses, such as mortgage interest, repairs and maintenance

  • Taking advantage of tax relief schemes like the Landlord’s Energy Saving Allowance

  • Using a letting agent to manage your property

If you’re looking to save tax on a rental property, you’re better off talking to a specialist accountant in your area, who may be able to help you optimise your portfolio for tax purposes.

Is Landlord Insurance the Same as Home and Contents?

Home and contents insurance is different from landlord insurance. Landlord insurance covers liability, rent loss, and damage, while home and contents insurance covers your personal property.

What is the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Landlord Insurance?

Residential landlord insurance covers landlords who rent to tenants. However, office landlords must have commercial landlord insurance. For maximum building protection, choose the right policy.

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